Salta Lure Company



Designed for Wahoo, Tuna & Multi-Species Saltwater Gamefish by Salta Lure Company's highly specialized and experienced designers 


High-Speed Lures

  •  Bio Dynamic Signature

By using the natural forms of Wahoo, Tuna and Bonito, our lures have higher trolling speeds, deeper diving, straight running in all positions and within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash, more enticing swimming motion that triggers the bite, slimmer designs, more hook ups

  • High-Speed Lures

First true all-speed swimming lure with trolling speeds from 0.5 to 23+ knots in 6ft waves

  • Unique Design

US Design Patents

Swedish Design Patents

  • HookMag®

Releasably retaining the belly hook in the highly effective stinger position increasing hook ups, no more hassle and tangle, no more belly hooks stuck over the back of the lure, no more interference with lure body

US Patent Pending No. 15/783,764

Chinese Patent Pending No. 201811130554.8

European Patent Pending No. 18196736.5

Australian Patent Pending No. 2018233051

  • Widely separated hooks

No hassle from hooks. Belly and tail hooks can not reach to hook into each other

  • Polycarbonate Body

Made of the toughest available material using thermo injected molding technique. Unique almost

4 mm thick shels

  • Waterproof one piece body

Welded body

  • Through wired body

Through wired body with stainless steel wire for line and hooks molded inside the shells

  • Highly Streamlined Body

Low silhoutte makes it easier for lures to hook fish as the fit easier between the jaws

  • Enticing movement

Life-like swimming motion

  • Stainless Steel Hooks

Mustad® 7691S or 7732S

  • Stainless Steel Swivels

Mustad® Stainless steel ball bearing swivels