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Catch Wahoo with MagBay Lures

21 nov. 2019

The hot topic this season has been the new MagTrak lure from MagBay Lures with HookMag technology. These new lures will increase your hookup ratio and help you get on the fish. Learn more here and ask your local tackle retailer for Gulfstream Distribution.

2019 by Magtrak CharkBaitUSA

9 sep. 2019

The new MagTrak from MagBay Lures is a winner for wahoo. These lures are available at . These lures track straight and true, up to 20 knots! Durable and productive, this rather expensive lure will find plenty of folks not flinching over it's price since it will hold up better than others over time...and bring in more fish.

Amazing Wahoo Fishing Video! MagTrak Lure - Wahoo Dance

1 nov. 2019

The new MagTrak Lure is slaying wahoo all over the world. But always the most fun in Mag Bay itself with a little Cumbia music. Thanks to Joseph with Salt Junkies for the Video down at MagBay Lodge.

Big Wahoo Strike att 15 Knots by MagBay Lure

11 sep. 2019

Watch this huge Wahoo swim by and then slam the MagTrak Wahoo Lure at incredible speed! An amazing Fish!