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HooBit DDL

HooBit DDL


Design by Salta Lure Company


US 15/783,764,

CN 201811130554.8,

EU & EPO 18196736.5,

AU 2018233051 


SE DESIGN 2019/0239


  • Construction - Durable Polycarbonate Plastic, Several Finish Styles
  • Features - Floating, Deep Diving Lip & Long-Casting
  • Swim Action - Runs Straight and True At Any Speed
  • Targeted Species - A Natural for Wahoo & Tuna & Multi-Species Saltwater Gamefish
  • Terminal Tackle - Mustad® Kaiju Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Fishing Technique - Casting and Trolling
  • Glass or Natural Patterns
  • Premium Mustad® Kaiju 8/0 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • HookMag® Technology

  • Hooks widely spaced and can not hook into each other

  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested


Technology that keeps the front hook in the stinger position at any speed until a Wahoo or other strike occurs.  The hook is then released and direct swivel connection to hook and mouth of fish. Please check out the videos below for a better understanding of the concept.

Furthermore, the HookMag™ advantage of releasably retaining the belly hook in the highly effective stinger position increasing hook ups, also means no more hassle and tangle, no more belly hooks stuck over the back of the lure, and no more interference with the lure body.


Truly a new breed of Wahoo, Tuna  and Big Game Lures.  The HooBit DDL features a patented design that allows the lure to swim straight at depths of 30-60 feet and at speeds of up to 10 knots, with any size multistrand wire leader, or any size main line, or within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash.   

The HooBit DDL Wahoo and Tuna Lure also incorporates the patented HookMag™

Model Number

HooBit DDL


up to 10 knots unasstisted



Body Length

7.5 Dynamic Body/10.2 w lip


3.7 oz.


HookMag Technology with 8/0 Mustad Kaiju Series Stainless Steel Hooks

The HooBit DDL is our innovative and unique lipped Deep Diving Lure,

that we soon will reveal to the world.

Thanks to its thick and super tough Polycarbonate body, the teeth from your fish will only leave superficial battle scares and some teeth will be left embedded in the lure shell forever, like insects inside amber, to show your children and friends.


This is the 1st version of the HooBit DDL, our unique lipped Deep Diving Lure, running at 2.3 knots, with a 200 pound test 7-strand wire leader, 200 lb ball bearing snap lock swivel and Berkley Tracer Braid 58kg or 128 lb test braided line.

The faster the trolling speed, the more erratic it swims. At current conditions and rigging, the max trolling speed for the 1st version is 9 knots.

Running depth for the 1st version at 4.2 knots is approx 12 meters or 40 feet unassisted. Length of lure is 19 cm or 7.5 in. The weight of the prototype is 98g or 3.45 oz.

Production grade lures of the 2nd version will weigh around 104g or 3.66 oz, and will be fitted with the HookMag magnetizer, releasably retaining the belly hook in the Stinger position.