Salta Lure Company
HooBit STL 14


Design by Salta Lure Company


US DESIGN 29/715,135

SE DESIGN 2019/0146

HooBit STL 14

Model Number

HooBit STL 14


up to 14 knots unassisted



Body Length

7.5 Inch Dynamic Body


15 oz.


10/0 Mustad stainless hooks, single or double hook rig, two medium sz skirts


12.5 inch


The HooBit STL 14 is our truly innovative and unique deep diving and swimming

Skirted Trolling Lure.

Thanks to its shape the lure swims with a tight high-frequency wiggling motion, and runs deep under the surface, making the skirts come "alive" and move in a way never seen before, triggering the bite from every pelagic saltwater gamefish, especially wahoo.


  • Construction - Durable Polycarbonate Plastic, Severeal Finish Styles
  • Features - Swimming, Deep Diving & High Speed
  • Swim Action - Runs Straight and True At Any Speed
  • Skirt Action - "Snake-Like" Swimming Pattern with Skirts looking like a fast moving fish tail
  • Targeted Species - A Natural for Wahoo and Tuna & Multi-Species Saltwater Gamefish
  • Terminal Tackle - Mustad® Stainless Steel Straight or Round Bend Hooks
  • Hook Rigs - Single or Double Hook Rig
  • Skirts - Two Tandem Placed 12.5 in Rubber or Vinyl Skirts or two TPR Octopus Skirts
  • Fishing Technique - Trolling
  • Glass or Natural Patterns
  • Premium Mustad® 7691S or 7732 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested


Truly a whole new type and family of Wahoo and Big Game Lures.  The HooBit STL 14 features a patented design that allows this skirted trolling lure to swim and run straight deep down below the surface at speeds of up to 14 knots, or within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash. 

The swimming motion of the lure sends shock waves into the skirts, making them come "alive" and explode in a violent "tail" of erratically moving tentacles, that drives all saltwater gamefish species mad, triggering the bite.


Test running world’s 1st swimming and deep diving skirted trolling, the HooBit STL 14.

This could be the best wahoo and tuna lure ever.

A ”Hybrid-Head” is what we call this totally new and innovative lure type.

A combination between a planning head hard body diving and swimming high-speed trolling plug, and a traditional skirted trolling lure. Fitted with two 12.5 in skirts from MagBay Lures Inc. the HooBit STL 14 swims up to 14 knots.

It can be fitted with either a single or double hook rig. Rigging is very easy as the lure is fitted with a Mustad 400 lb sz 7 heavy duty stainless steel snap lock ball bearing swivel, which the hook rig is attached to. We have developed three different design versions of the HooBit STL: the STL 14 (14 knots), STL 20 (20 knots) and the STL Hybrid (19 knots).

They offer different swimming action and therefore skirt action. The high-frequency swimming movement of the lure body sends schock waves into the skirts, which come ”alive” and ”explode” into a super fast and erratic snake like swimming motion, making wahoo and tuna go mad, triggering the bite.

The HooBit STL can also be transformed into the world’s biggest spinner bait, by replacing the skirts with rotating flashy spinner blades, spoons and/or propellers attached on the single hook rig, between the lure body and hook.

US Design Patent Pending No. 29/715,135

Swedish Design Patent No. 84556