HooBit DDL

The HooBit DDL is our unique lipped Deep Diving Lure.

This is the HooBit DDL running at 2.3 knots, with a 200 pound test 7-strand wire leader, 200 lb ball bearing snap lock swivel and Berkley Tracer Braid

58 kg or 128 lb test braided line.

The faster the trolling speed, the more erratic it swims. At current conditions and rigging, the max trolling speed is 9 knots. Running depth at 4.2 knots is approx 12 meters or 40 feet unassisted, and with only 60 feet of line below surface, and only 4-5 meters or 13-16 feet behind the boat. That's a total of only 73-76 feet of line out.

Length of lure is 19 cm or 7.5 in. Current weight of prototype is 98 g or 3.45 oz, production grade lures will weigh around 87-90 g or 3.05-3.15 oz, and will be fitted with the HookMag magnetizer, releasably retaining the belly hook in the Stinger position.



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